Virtual Walkabout?


Get away from it all! The environmentally friendly way to experience some of the World's most beautiful nature trails.

These multimedia artworks recreate nature walks for viewers as streaming slideshows, featuring hundreds of photographs, accompanied by the wonderful melodies and ongoing urging sound of the didjeribone (slide didjeridu) and Face Bass performed by tjupurru.

Note: Didjeridu is sometimes spelt didgeridoo, didjeridoo and didgeridu, but the Australian government and all its agencies have formally accepted didjeridu as the correct spelling.

The collection so far visually documents walking tracks in selected Australian National Parks and Nature Reserves, including many amazing walks through World Heritage areas. Often narrow trails traverse very sensitive and fragile areas. Viewers are strongly discouraged from physically visiting these off-the-beaten-track areas themselves, thereby exerting further pressure on them. Hopefully many folk will be satisified with an environmentally friendly Virtual Walkabout, especially one free of sunburn, rain, annoying flies, biting midges, blood-sucking leeches, parasitic ticks, poisonous snakes and spiders and stinging trees. I had all that fun!



A Virtual Walkabout is an experience that both the ‘in form’ and infirm can enjoy in a number of ways

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Carnarvon National Park

Carnarvon National Park

1128 Images - Carnarvon Gorge Section - 112 Minutes

~ The only replicated title in the series so far ~



Carnarvon National Park - Mt Moffatt, Salvatore Rosa, KaKa Mundi

- Mt Moffatt -

- Ka Ka Mundi -

945 Images - Salvator Rosa - 97 Minutes


NOOSA National Park

Noposa National Park

337 Images - Noosa Headland Section - 33 Minutes


Kondalilla and Mapleton Falls

National Parks

Kondalilla and Mapleton Falls

237 Images - Kondalilla + Mapleton - 26 Minutes


Bunya Mountains National Park

Bunya Mountains National Park

1199 Images - Bunya Mountains - 102 Minutes


Lamington National Park

Border Track, Lamington National Park

949 Images - Border Track - 82 Minutes
Binna Burra to Green Mountains


Albert River Track, Lamington National Park

465 Images - Albert River TracK - 40 Minutes
Green Mountains Section


Coomera River Track, Lamington National Park

519 Images - Coomera River Track - 45 Minutes
Binna Burra Section


Daves Creek Track, Lamington National Park

313 Images - Dave's Creek Track - 27 Minutes
Binna Burra Section


Illinbah Circuit, Lamington National Park

613 Images - Illinbah Circuit - 52 Minutes
Binna Burra Section


Mt Hobwee Track, Lamington National Park

607 Images - Mt Hobwee Track - 52 Minutes
Binna Burra Section


Ships Stern Track, Lamington National Park

899 Images - Ships Stern Track - 78 Minutes
Binna Burra Section


Three Short Walks, Binna Burra Section, Lamington National Park

579 Images - Three Short Walks - 50 Minutes
Binna Burra Section


Three Short Walks, Green Mountains Section, Lamington National Park

258 Images - Three Short Walks - 32 Minutes
Green Mountains Section


Tooloona Creek Track, Lamington National Park

291 Images - Toolona Creek Track - 26 Minutes
Green Mountains Section


West Canungra Creek Track, Lamington National Park

602 Images - West Canungra Creek Track - 52 Minutes
Green Mountains Section



Nightcap National Park

Protestors Falls, Nightcap National Park

147 Images - Protestors Falls Section - 20 Minutes


Mount Warning National Park

Mount Warning National Park

243 Images - Mount Warning - 24 Minutes


Nature Reserves around Byron Bay

Byron Bay Nature Reserves

501 Images - Byron Bay - 43 Minutes


~ Entire Virtual Walkabout FREE ~

I decided to create this special online video as it would make for too short a DVD.

The main feature of the Boonoo Boonoo National Park is the Boonoo Boonoo Falls (pronounced 'bunna bunoo' - a local Aboriginal term for big rocks) which plummets 210 metres into the rocky ravine. These falls are easily reached from the road via a short walk.

Boonoo Boonoo National Park, NSW

86 Images / 9 Minutes



The following places have been photographed and Virtual Walkabouts of these areas are currently in production:


Purlingbrook Falls, Springbrook National Park, Qld

277 Images / 37 Minutes

Natural Bridge, Springbrook National Park, Qld

187 Images / 18 Minutes

Bald Rock National Park, Qld

446 Images / 38 Minutes

The Pyramids, Girraween National Park, Qld

245 Images / 19 Minutes

Minyon Falls, Nightcap National Park, NSW

495 Images / 36 Minutes


Cathedral Rock National Park, NSW

Gibraltar Range National Park, NSW

Guy Fawkes River National Park, NSW

New England National Park, NSW

Washpool National Park, NSW

Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, NSW

Dorrigo National Park, NSW



I gratefully acknowledge the invaluable assistance of
the following in the making of these DVDs.

Queensland Environmental Protection Agency
Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service

New South Wales Department of Environment and Conservation
New South Wales Parks and Wildlife Services

Not to mention everyone I have met on and off these walks who have
offered nothing but encouragement and support.

I sincerely thank you!