Uses for Virtual Walkabouts?

Always seek medical advice before embarking on any new exercise program!

Bushwalking for the Infirm

One of the primary aims of a Virtual Walkabout is to allow disabled and sick people, especially children, to escape to a world normally out of their reach. All virtualwalkabouts are rated Class 1 (Wheelchair Access) according to the Australian Walking Track Classification. There is nothing stopping you now!

Rest, floating effortlessly in the slideshow stream, or get active, raise the level of oxygen in the blood and stimulate the release of natural endorphins - the body's own 'high'. If you are disabled or infirm then you will no doubt have your own innovative ways to get your circulation going, to get into ‘the zone’, like some of the folk in the video below do.

Access Arts Open Day 2006

For those more capable, exercise as the scenery glides by. You may be very surprised how long you can comfortably walk or dance on the spot as you watch. Vary your steps (e.g. slide step sideways as you virtually cross creeks and lean slightly forward and hold your knees as you climb stairs or steep inclines). Briefly raising your arms over your head on steep climbs stimulates the lungs and gets your heart ticking a little faster. Do not overdo it though.

Revitalise Exercise - Go Longer - Go Stronger - Go Walkabout (Virtually)

Enjoy the walkabout - exercising at your own comfortable pace - pausing only when no track appears before you. If you do stop then pause the movie. Restart when rested. You may be surprised how soon you feel the urge to get going again, wanting to see more of the track before you.


Need to ease the mind-numbing hours of exercise required to return from major injury and/or surgery? Then go away on virtual walkabouts during your therapy sessions and those hours will pass quickly to help you on your road to recovery.

Exercise for the In-Form

If you regularly workout then it's possible you go to a gym that has exercise machines equipped with DVD players. Insert a Virtual Walkabout and vary the resistance to match the visual stream, thereby recreating the effort involved in doing the actual walk. If your gym is not so equipped then play the DVD in your home player then get active in whatever way that your space permits.


Escape from all the pressures and go away on a Virtual Walkabout. A great way to relax and reduce stress.

Tourism and Education

Virtual Walkabouts are great visual records of National Parks.

Other Uses

The range of uses of Virtual Walkabout DVDs is limited only by your imagination.

Please Note: Though many people have requested that my Virtual Walkabouts have an explanatory commentary, one of the primary intentions of the DVDs was to make them "people free". Many satisfied customers love to use them as background music or as a stimulus for exercise and they would loathe someone talking over the music. Only the Byron Bay DVD has people visible in it as folk are active all day in this amazing place.